The wait is finally over! Rehashed awesome available now on bandcamp with amazing new features! Coming soon to digital retailers worldwide. The album is a whopping, CD neglecting 87 minutes of aural ecstasy! A CD friendly version, without the bonus tracks, will make its appearance in the physical market in the next couple of months.

Be the hipster you always wanted to be, and become a fan of Latent and the in progress The Vines of Eden book series now, before it's cool and I'm too rich to care about you!

Includes a shiny new cover of a very angry person, who will look real great on your iphone. The album also includes a vastly expanded orchestral suite, an orchestral remix, an acoustic version of one song, an instrumental, and a new lyrical song. The digital versions also include a remix/re-recording of "Enemy a the Gate", and the new symphonic rock, sibling-rivalry lament "Majesty". All the expected ear candy is included.

Digital liner notes are included exclusively on bandcamp.

All the best,



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