The wait is finally over! Rehashed awesome available now on bandcamp with amazing new features! 77 minutes of aural ecstasy! Probably shouldn't listen if you're on ecstasy! Maybe you should stop taking ecstasy! It's dangerous!

Yeah, that was kinda weird, but we're back in the club.

The cover might not say so, but the digital only (for now) re-release of The Ash of Eden is quite deluxe. Be the hipster you always wanted to be, and become a fan of Latent and the in progress The Vines of Eden book series now before it's cool and I'm too rich to care about you!

Includes a shiny new cover of a very angry person, who will look real great on your iphone. The album also includes a vastly expanded orchestral suite, an orchestral remix, an acoustic version of one song, an instrumental, and a new lyrical song. All the expected ear candy is included. You should expect promised remix/re-recording of the infamous Enemy at the Gate real soon-like, and it will certainly anger at least one of my three fans. I will probably have it up by the weekend. Maybe if you buy the Ash of Eden Deluxe Edition, it will magically appear as a bonus track on bandcamp! I heard it could be true from very reliable sources.

More coming soon. Thank's for the continued support of all three of you.