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A limited run deluxe edition of the physical CD (and the only edition) is now available for sale on CD Baby.
"The Earth of Eden" should be available on most major digital retailers within a few weeks. It is currently available on CD Baby (physical and digital) and  BandCamp (digital only).
Mixing of the album has been completed. Mastering has begun. The album will be available for digital sale within a few weeks, and the title has been changed to "The Earth of Eden". Thanks for the support!

Available Now!

The Concept

A concept album is often inaccurately equated to being musically progressive in nature. But in reality, no progressive tropes, modal soloing, nor even the signature theatrical expressiveness of many progressive rock artists is needed to achieve a solid work of concept. Read More

About the Artist

 Pictured below is an idiot who, until recently, made horrible music.                            
Nicolas Bollinger, the independent recording artist known as Latent, and gatekeeper of a surname that should only be approached from the front end monosyllabic-ally, has been crafting hideous music in an embarrassing attempt to give meaning to his life since 2004. In 2007, he decided he was done making awful music and began a career in making mediocre music, which resulted in a personal record setting five CDs sold. Finally, in 2011, Nicolas set out to make a concept album. It was possibly the worst idea he ever had, and it took him three years to write, record, and produce it. To the flabbergasted surprise of the seven people who heard it, the album was of pristine quality. As Nicolas exclaimed one fine afternoon just moments after getting out of bed, the music is "delicious flavor for the ears", and most people who listen to more than ten seconds of one of these Latent songs tend to agree. After a problematic response to his above-documented statement, Nicolas later recanted the statement, saying "I never intended to imply that ears are for consumption, or that sprinkling the ashes of my liner notes on them, somehow makes them more edible. That person has serious problems, and I'm sorry about that incident."

Nicolas resides in a basement he does not own with his partner,Sarah. She is the primary writer of not yet released "The Vines of Eden" book series, from which "The Earth of Eden" album draws its conceptual elements. He also has a cat, Tiger, who is the best of the best. The ruggedly handsome bastard is aptly named considering his coat is very tiger-like. By aptly, I mean stupidly. It's like naming a skiff "Tug Boat" or a hollow-body guitar "Lucille". Personally, I prefer the name "Marmalade King".

Despite a few logical inaccuracies, I felt this quote would help you understand him better:

"All I want is for people to hear the music and relate to it in some way. I want them to feel the story, the nebulously-presented story without much context, and fall in love with characters whose names they don't even know yet. I want that. But most of all I want to own a f***ing Ferrari. Tell your friends, your family, whomever, tell them Nick needs a $600,000 European sports car. That's only like 100,000 albums. I've already sold one, so I'm almost halfway there. Supporting independent music is supporting capitalism. Making us rich will only help the economy. That's why I'm buying the car. To help my country."

If he gets a Ferrari, I get a condo in the Alps. That was the deal. That's why I'm not saying a word. Never ending self feeder, baby.

Marmalade floof forever,
The beautiful beast below is known as "Tiger the Marmalade King".
He is Nicolas's manager and webmaster.